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Search Engine Optimization / Web Site Analyzing

First of all, creating good looking websites that actually sell products on a regular basis and target people who need your services isnít as hard or expensive as you may think. We call it search engine optimization.

Even understanding the principals behind how to choose the right domain name, or what roll keywords play, isnít difficult, as long as you are able to find the answers.

Our job is to offer you those answers.

So many make their first mistake, by choosing a name that literally has nothing to do with their business. Domain Names are used by search engines to help index your business. Another way of saying it is ... "a domain name is a list of keywords used to find you". Hereís a tip: Did you know that most successful internet companies have more than one domain name?


"Search Engine Optimization:" We then analyze exactly what perspective customers are typing into search engines to find your services or products. By monitoring over 300 million searches a day we are able to provide you with a list of actual terms and keyword phrases used, not only what you think are being used. For example, most corporate executives who use the internet for information and services usually have assistants do the searching for them, to save time. Realizing that the assistant, is the person you have to think like, is the second step in understanding what keywords are important for your website to be a success. Guessing at keywords is the second mistake most people make.

Do you know the difference between a search engine and a search directory? There are several differences, but the first one to realize is a search engine uses meta tag keywords in your html document and a search directory doesnít. Another is, most search directories are audited by people, whereas search engines are usually ranked by spider programs.. or.. computers. A main page built for AltaVista wonít have the same results from Google. Remember, search engines and directories work like television networks. They make money on advertising rates paid from advertisers, therefore, each search engine / directory tries to be uniquely better than their competitors. This means you need to know what they look for to have the edge. Determining their algorithms and requirements is exactly what we do for any and all products. It's the core of our Search Engine Optimization program.

And we do it very well!

Like all businesses, once you open your doors you need to monitor it to find out exactly what type of traffic youíre getting. We watch not only visitors but unique visitors along with durations, page views, geographic areas, and referrals. One thing we donít need to watch is hits. If you have a 10 page website and one visitor goes to all 10 pages once, that's 10 hits. Knowing those pages is good... but knowing if that visitor is a returning visitor or a new unique visitor is more important. This type of website tracking allows you the opportunity to learn about how people are finding you, where they are coming from, and if they used a search engine, which one?. It doesnít make a lot of sense to throw money into marketing, an area that nobody uses.

From new websites to exisiting ones, we can analyze your site and provide you with all the information you need to make the right changes the first time. And if you canít make those changes, or you arenít currently working with a website designer, we can do them for you.