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Key - Words, words that are used to match up services, information, and products with people searching for them and people who offer them.

Today's internet uses keywords in an assortment of ways to help people find people who offer services, information, and products. They do this by inserting these keywords in all phrases used to describe a website. For example, a domain name is a list of keywords used by a search engine to help index or rank your website. Failure to use the correct keywords will result in your website being lost or indexed under the wrong catagory.

Lets backup. Search Engines... like our telephone books in the real world, the cyber world uses a more efficient method of advertising a companys services or information via search engines. Although there are only a few search engines there are many companies who use them such as or not to mention MSN, AltaVista, and the list goes on.


The actual engine, Inktomi or alike is nothing more than a saphisticated program with the ability to catagorize, search and index, files. We are not making light of it, modern day search engines are the wave of the future when it comes to finding information about anything we know of on this planet. Todays smaller engines, like MySQL produce amazing results on a smaller level designed to work more on intranets (inter office systems) than the internet (world wide web). However, these smaller engines do provide excellent database capabilities for websites that need to allow visitors access to a variety of information, quickly and easily, via search features within their websites. The one thing all search engines have in common is they rely on keywords to be effective.

Like a television network, search engines like AltaVista, Google, Yahoo, rely on advertising to make their money. The better information these engines provide to visitors, the more visitors they will have. When you consider these engines are producing millions of pages of information per day, to everyday people, you can see that simple advertising such as banner ads, buttons, click throughs, etc... can be big business for the engines. Where else can you reach millions of people who are looking for your catagory? No where.

Since the search engines realize they need your website with its information to be a certain way so as to allow their visitors to find you, they have set up a system of algorythms and criteria that helps you design a website targeted for visitors looking for your information. This term is called: Search Engine Optimization which you can learn more about by clicking above or below on that link. Here we will focus strickly on keywords.

The first item of information a search engine uses to index your website is the domain name. Domain Names, are nothing more than a list of keywords used to quickly describe your information so they can index you in the right catagory. means nothing to anyone but John and maybe his family... but, offers valueable information to the search engine.

So, how do you find those keywords? We analyze your services, products or information and evaluate it against 300+ million searches per day to see what internet users are actually typing in to find your services or products. We then take those keywords and compare them to how many times they are being used in the top search engines. Each engine will offer different results. Once we find the keywords with the most traffic and least amount of competition, we search out available domain names. Keywords with less popularity but still with good traffic are then placed throughout the website to increase traffic.

Domain names are very important, so much so, that most successful internet companies have more than one name. Short and sweet names that fit your products or services are very important. And if you offer more than one particular line of services or products its nice to include those in your domain names, to improve your chances of high rankings with the top search engines.