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Search Engine Optimization
Our system starts by finding your actual keywords internet visitors type in to find your products or services. We then focus on the appropriate domain names you need to consider to help boost your visibility. Next we run critic reports that provide us information provided by the top search engines and directories for proper indexing and ranking with said search engines / directories. For existing websites we always run a location report to find your current ranking amongst the top search engines / directories. From there we focus on necessary changes you need to consider to improve your position.

TIPS: 1) Domain Names are a list of keywords describing your products or services. Domain Names of your company name that donít include your products or services do not provide enough information for any search engine / directory to identify you and index you correctly. This is the number one mistake made by most companies.

2) Total Flash websites cannot be index or achieve top ranking by search engines.

Location Report: Searches major search engines/directories to see your current ranking and competitors position ... $ 70.00

Critic Report: Analyzes your current website for search engine criteria, creates suggestions for positive changes using information provided by each search engine / directory, and compares your current site to the number one site listed ... $250.00

Keyword Analyzing: We monitor over 320 million searches each 24 hours. By submitting your product or service type, we can determine exactly what internet visitors are typing in to find your products or services. ... $250.00